Our commitments

Our commitments to conduct recruitment and HR consulting missions with ethics!


Assisting companies with their recruitment missions means, on the one hand, participating in the economic, social and technological development of client companies and, on the other hand, having a major impact on the lives of professional candidates. 


We recruit for positions that aim to protect the company's strategy and combine development research with business ethics and compliance with laws and standards.


Beyond the implementation of this philosophy during our consulting and recruitment missions, we wanted to put into practice social, societal and good governance actions.


Given the nature of our professional activity and its leverage effect, our most salient issues are also related to governance, social and societal issues. We also wish to minimize our environmental footprint and have taken steps to do so.


Our commitments

 Our commitments

 The firm "Danem People UK” is committed to establishing a relationship of proximity and trust with each client and each candidate by accompanying them throughout the recruitment or HR consultancy process.

It is committed to communicating clearly, transparently and confidentially with candidates, clients and all other stakeholders in a recruitment or HR consultancy assignment.


More specifically, "Danem People UK" is committed to promoting and respecting the following points:

  • Listening: Promote listening to the client and the candidate throughout the recruitment process or the HR consultancy service.
  • Ensuring confidentiality: Maximum confidentiality regarding confidential information provided or which the firm may become aware of in the course of its mandates.
  • Protecting personal data: In accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation, all personal data concerning clients and candidates are treated in a strictly confidential manner. Each person has the right to access, rectify and oppose their data on request online or by mail.
  • Remain contactable and available: A reactive, personalised and efficient service to accompany and advise clients and candidates with flexibility and agility.
  • Being a good corporate citizen: The firm is sensitive to environmental, societal and economic issues. It is committed to a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach within its professional activity.


Commitment to our clients


  • Qualitative approach: The firm strives to respect a qualitative approach in order to fully and lastingly satisfy the client. It constantly strives to improve its services, from the stage of understanding and analysing needs to the regular monitoring of the recruited candidate's integration.
  • Independence: The firm acts with the utmost independence, which enables it to minimise conflicts of interest and to work in the best conditions of objectivity.
  • Non-solicitation: While respecting a very strict non-solicitation policy (never chasing candidates from our clients' premises during our collaboration, this is a key principle at Danem People), the firm reserves the right to have several clients in the same sector of activity. This allows us to strengthen the team's sector expertise and to provide more relevant and sustainable solutions to our clients.
  • Transparency: The firm undertakes to keep its various contacts within the client company informed of any progress concerning one or more recruitment or HR consultancy assignments entrusted to "Danem People UK". 


Commitment to our candidates


  • Respect and consideration: The firm is committed to respecting the privacy of candidates, fighting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities in recruitment.
  • Data protection : The firm has drawn up a Personal Data Protection Charter in compliance with the RGPD and international regulations. The firm only collects the data necessary for the exercise of its mission, whether personal (title, surname, first name, email address, telephone...) or professional (diplomas, experience, languages spoken, remuneration).
  • Accompaniment : The firm undertakes to evaluate candidates and formulate assessments only in relation to a position to be filled or in the event of independent personal support for an assignment.
  • Candidate feedback: The firm undertakes to debrief candidates who request it on their application throughout the recruitment process.
  • Transparency: The firm undertakes to inform the candidate from the first contact and in full transparency of the progress of the assignment. 


Our objective: to develop a prosperous and successful relationship with our clients and candidates!


Through these commitments of excellence, independence, absence of discrimination, transparency, confidentiality and quality of dialogue, the recruitment and HR consultancy firm "Danem People UK" hopes to gain and maintain your trust for quality, long-term relationships.


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