Our candidate research methods

Our methods of research to identify and select technicians, engineers and consultants

methods of searching for engineering, IT & Digital candidates


Our methods of searching for candidates include both traditional recruitment solutions and innovative solutions to identify new talent within each business sector in the Engineering and IT & Digital fields.



We work with each of our clients in a personalised manner, in order to adopt the best strategy according to the context of each recruitment assignment. It may be decided to favour one method in particular or to combine several of the following methods in order to achieve the objective(s) in the shortest possible time. At certain times it is necessary to know how to reorient the scope of the mission when certain unexpected elements arise during the course of a recruitment mission. We are accustomed to dealing with the unexpected at all times in order to achieve the objectives of the recruitment assignment as quickly as possible.

Web2.0 Sourcing


After your brief, we search for the right profile on job sites, CV databases, social networks, OpenWeb, thanks to our software. Using these tools means we don't miss out on the ideal candidate. This method allows us to get in direct contact with candidates actively looking for a job, choosing the most suitable media for the publication of advertisements. Depending on the type of position, we publish these advertisements on specialised media.


Recruitment by direct approach


This method is effective for high-level positions or very specific skills. Our knowledge of the market and our experience enables us to identify and approach professionals corresponding to the defined profile in complete confidentiality in order to offer them a career change. This method is used only in cases where there is no risk of conflict of interest.


Recruitment by mixed approach


This approach allows us to widen the range of candidate profiles, by reaching out to other candidates on the market and thus have a greater choice of profiles to offer our clients. Our mastery of innovative web tools enables us to be proactive in this approach.


Recruitment by "mixed approach" combines the use of multiple tools:
broadcasting of advertisements on targeted websites,
• keyword referencing work,
search on community and social networks (Viadeo, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing, ...),
Web2.0 sourcing on job boards and on our own candidate database.


Head Hunting


This method concerns recruitment assignments for which potential candidates are few or very much in demand, as well as for confidential recruitments - competition, internal strategy. The study of the company, its needs and the profile of the candidate to be recruited determines the search strategy. Once the specifications have been validated, Danem People targets companies and identifies the employees likely to meet the needs.

After having identified the candidates who meet the defined criteria, Danem People presents the position, the project and the company in detail to potential candidates.

Complementary tools


  • Talent Pool" Candidate Database: Thanks to a computerised application management tool designed specifically for recruitment agencies, we have created our own database. Its daily updating and development gives us access to candidates who are on passive watch and wish to be informed of offers corresponding to their skills.
  • The network and references: we have built up an extensive network of candidates from which we draw directly in order to solicit references. This is a very good way to identify candidate profiles that are in tune with the market but are not necessarily visible on job boards and social networks.


The importance of "soft skills" and "life skills"

The importance of "soft skills" and "life skills"!


At our recruitment firm we know that our clients are looking for more than just candidates with the right Hard Skills.

Very often they are looking for candidates with "soft skills" (behavioural skills) and "life skills" (life skills) adapted to their company so that they can quickly integrate into their existing teams, be operational quickly and have a long-term future.
  • The "soft skills" or behavioural skills that recruiters are looking for are often autonomy, rigour, good interpersonal skills, dynamism and team spirit.
  • Life skills" or life competences such as social skills, insight, natural empathy or resilience.

This is why we offer the personality test, the grid tool and the writing tool during the candidate selection phase. In order to better define the "savoir-être" and "savoir vivre" which are composed of a candidate's personality traits, motivations, thought patterns and cognitive abilities.


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