Outplacement: support for professional mobility

You have to separate from a member of staff with an "Executive" or "ETAM" profile, as part of an economic layoff, a reclassification, a contractual termination?


Personalised and tailor-made support, outplacement enables him or her to leave your company in good conditions, in the direction he or she has chosen. Mandatory in the event of dismissal of more than ten employees, this consultancy service is particularly suitable in the event of the departure of an employee who has worked for a long period in your company. Such a situation generates a major upheaval, which needs to be dealt with.



The stages of outplacement in engineering, IT and digital


Our outplacement/professional mobility support can be spread over one or more months and last up to a year.


Intended for executive, senior executive and managerial positions (middle / top management), it integrates several stages:

  1. individual interview,
  2. skills assessment,
  3. market analysis,
  4. study of skills,
  5. design of an action plan,
  6. job coaching,
  7. career monitoring.


Facilitating a new start for the employee


Our objective: to help the employee, only if he or she wishes to do so, to reposition himself or herself on the labour market and to achieve professional mobility, within the framework of a service entirely financed by the company.


Depending on the profiles, two axes can generally be explored:

  • to start again towards a similar opportunity, in the engineering, IT and digital/digital fields,
  • reposition the career towards a different sector or towards entrepreneurship.
Do you wish to support one or more employees leaving your company in their professional mobility? Do you need to draw up a redundancy plan?



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