Rail transport

Recruitment for the railway and urban mobility sector across Wales & South West England

Danem People UK is a recruitment agency specialising in the identification, approach and selection of technicians and engineers for the railway and urban mobility sector for permanent, fixed-term and freelance positions. We recruit candidates for "Technicians" and "Engineers" positions within the railway and urban mobility sector across Wales & South West England.

Rail transport

We recruit qualified staff for the entire lifecycle of a project in the rail and urban mobility sector. From research & development, through prototyping, testing and trials, manufacturing, certification, commissioning, servicing and maintenance.


We benefit from a talent pool database of more than 5,000 candidates in Wales & South West England. In order to keep ourselves informed of developments in the railway sector and urban mobility, we regularly visit the sector's specialised trade fairs such as SIFER in Lille (France) and INNOTRANS in Berlin (Germany).


The aim is to meet both companies and applicants from the railway sector and urban mobility, which is a key sector in France with a turnover of over €4.1 billion, the 2nd largest railway network in Europe with a total of 27,594 km. A large French railway fleet consisting of 1843 diesel locomotives, 1524 electric locomotives and 442 TGVs. Not forgetting an estimated 84.08 Mio T of goods transported by rail in 2018.


We recruit candidates for the following segments of the railway industry


Infrastructures Manufacture of track components (rails and sleepers), manufacture of fixed equipment (level crossings, etc.), production of track inspection, construction and maintenance equipment. Track construction and renewal. Track laying and maintenance.


Rolling stock Design, construction and maintenance of rolling stock (locomotives, wagons, trams, subways). Tier 1 equipment manufacturers (electronic engineering, creation and design, acoustic protection, safety, on-board information, braking systems, mechanics). Tier 2 equipment manufacturers (metal working: mechanics, foundry, boilermaking...). Plastics processing. Materials. Tests and trials. Mechatronics. Electronics).


Control or signalling systems Signalling products (automatons, track circuits, axle counters, switch motors). Engineering and system integration. Safety demonstration of deployed products and systems. Traffic supervision, rolling stock management, passenger information and ticketing management systems.


Maintenance services Refurbishment of equipment and systems. Spare parts management. Consulting services for maintenance and optimisation of rolling stock and railway infrastructure in France and abroad.



We recruit candidates with the following TECHNICAL specialities



Electricity              Electronics            Mechanics



Electrical engineering            Automation


List of positions for which we are recruiting



  • Test technician
  • CAD/CAM Technician
  • Quality technician
  • Method technician
  • Maintenance technician
  • Railway Project Manager



  • System Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Automation engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Certification Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Railway safety engineer
  • Risk Management Engineer
  • System Safety Engineer
  • Software Support Engineer
  • Verification & Validation Engineer
  • Design & Development Engineer
  • Signalling System Engineer
  • Test & Commissioning Engineer
  • Quality manager
  • Product Line Manager
  • Head of Rail Affairs
  • Head of signage studies
  • Head of operational safety
  • Head of rail maintenance
  • General Management, Subsidiary Management
  • Department management, Service management


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