Recruitment in telecommunications in Wales & South West England

Danem People UK is a recruitment agency specialising in the identification, approach and selection of technical profiles for the telecommunications sector for permanent, fixed-term and freelance positions in Wales & South West England.



We recruit candidates for "Technicians" and "Engineers" positions within the telecommunications sector. Our clients include large groups but also SMEs operating regionally, nationally and sometimes internationally.


We recruit qualified personnel for the entire life cycle of a project for the telecommunications sector.  Whether it is network architecture and design, network engineering and qualification, network deployment or network operation, supervision and support, we have a panel of qualified and experienced candidates throughout Wales & South West England.


We benefit from a talent pool database of more than 5,000 candidates in Uand abroad. We regularly visit specialised trade fairs in the sector in UK and internationally such as the "Numérique et Informatique" trade fair in Paris (France) and the "FTTH Conference" in Berlin (Germany) to meet companies and candidates from the telecommunications sector, which is a key sector.




  • Network Architecture and Design Define the architecture of a network (or a sub-assembly) in response to the operator's needs; guarantee the network's performance and translate the expression of the need for network evolution in terms of functional architecture and specifications; aggregate the input of different specialists and work in coherence with the engineering departments responsible for equipment policies. Define network evolution scenarios (in terms of QoS, security, resilience, regulatory risks and growth projection) and evaluate them from a technical and economic point of view. Address the notion of end-to-end and efficient assembly. Ensure a technological watch on their core expertise.


  • Network Engineering and Qualification Translate an architecture for operational implementation and design the engineering of network elements (at hardware and software levels). Write global and detailed specification files. Establish or control the application of engineering rules for network elements. Carry out the qualification phase; implement the tests; monitor the implementation of the network elements and the technical integration of the network equipment by the operational teams.


  • Deployment of Network Engineering Studies to match local deployments to the capacity, coverage and quality of service requirements defined in the architecture files; managing site construction or upgrade operations (carried out by the selected service providers). Check that these teams comply with the company's engineering rules; monitor the achievement of objectives and report on their activity. 


  • Network Operation, Supervision and Support Carry out commissioning interventions, supervise and maintain network elements. Receiving, installing and commissioning equipment (connections, wiring, cabling, management of magnetic media, switching equipment off and on, installation of software). Monitoring the condition of network equipment and services, analysing the causes of malfunctions, implementing the operations necessary for recovery, informing the customers concerned of the actions taken. Analysing the statistical data that report on the operation of network infrastructures and services. 


  • Customer intervention Ensure the installation of equipment, configurations or solutions on the customer site(s). Carry out support, training and awareness raising services for new solutions. In the event of malfunctions, restore on-site service to the customer in accordance with the provisions of the contract.




  • xDSL
  • ISDN
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Mobile network (GSM/FH)
  • Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • Fibre Optic FTTx: FTTH, FTTLA, FTTB, FTTC, FON
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) type GPS, GALILEO
  • Security Access Control/CAS, Denial of Service (DoS), Cryptography/DRM, Firewall, Data Integrity





  • Data centre technician
  • Telecom network technician
  • Telecom network administrator
  • FTTH works manager
  • Supervisor Telecom Radio Works
  • Radio Design Engineer
  • FTTH Project Manager Engineer
  • GNSS & Safety Engineer
  • FTTH Study Engineer
  • Data Center Engineer
  • Network and Telecom Engineer
  • Data Center Project Manager
  • FTTH Project Manager
  • Telecom Deployment Project Manager
  • Networks and Telecom Project Manager
  • Project Manager Maintenance Infrastructure
  • Mobile Network Project Manager (GSM/FH)
  • Network and Telecom Software Architect
  • Head of Network and Telecom Infrastructure
  • Head of Telecom Design Office
  • Head of Transversal Projects Steering
  • Telecom Project Director
  • Operational Technical Director
  • Technical Development Director





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